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Governing Documents
Aberdeen By-Laws: Contains definitions and information regarding the HOA, its members, board of directors, meetings, etc.
Aberdeen Articles of Incorporation:  Describes the general powers of the HOA, who its members are, voting rights, information on the board of directors and officers, budgets and expenditures, and dissolution.
Aberdeen Declaration of Maintenance and Land Use Provisions:  Extensive document containing a variety of information about the HOA.
  • Article I, General Provisions, pages 2-3
  • Article II, Common Areas, pages 3-5
  • Article III, The Association, pages 5-9
  • Article IV, Use Restrictions, pages 9-17
  • Article V, Developer's Rights, pages 17-18
  • Article VI, Architectural Standard and Review, pages 18-20
  • Article VII, Miscellaneous Provisions, pages 20-23
  • Exhibit B, Notice to Buyers, pages 27-31
Aberdeen First Amendment to Declaration:  Regarding signs in the community
Aberdeen Second Amendment to Declaration:  Regarding definition of lots and common areas; annual maintenance assessment; and the size of residences.
Architectural Design Guidelines:  Review these guidelines prior to considering or applying for changes to your property.  Our Alteration Application (previously called an "Architectural Change Request" form) can be completed online through the Homeowner Portal on McNeil Management's website.
Approved Paint Colors: These colors are approved to repaint your home in our community. Please use the above Alteration Application link to print and complete your form and list the colors from this list. 
Requirements for Tree Maintenance and Removal and No Parking Locations in Aberdeen:  Easement trees may not be removed without prior approval from both the HOA and the county.  Parking near stop signs or blocking driveways is not permitted. 
Rules and Regulations: Information regarding outdoor maintenance, storage, and parking in Aberdeen HOA. 
Street Tree Removal And Replacement Standards: The county process for removing and replacing an easement tree, to include HOA approval by submitting an Alteration Application form online through the Homeowner Portal on McNeil Management's website.