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Click on each highlighted form to read, print, or in some cases complete online and mail or email to McNeil Management.
Alteration Application: (previously called "Architectural Change Request" form):  Complete this form online and upload necessary attachments. You will find the online form by logging in to the Homeowner Portal on McNeil Management's website by clicking here (first-time users must register before logging in). prior to making any changes to the exterior of your home or property. Each form must be completed and signed with all necessary items such as surveys, contractor lists, photos, etc., included with each form. 
Alteration Applications must be submitted electronically by registering and then logging in to your account on their Homeowner Portal at https://mcneilmsi.com/
Change of Mailing Address Form: Submit this information online through the Homeowner Portal for McNeil Management to update your mailing address. 
Enforcement Request Form:  Complete and submit information online through the Homeowner Portal for McNeil Management regarding concerns about enforcing issues/violations on a property or common area in Aberdeen HOA.
Estoppel Reference Guide: ALL estoppel requests directed to McNeil Management should be submitted online at www.estoppels.com.
Community Information Sheet: Basic information about your home and community rules in Aberdeen.